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ESP32 con domuino
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  Mi propio medidor inteligente
Enviado por: coavi - 11-07-2019, 11:26 PM - Foro: HomeAssistant - Respuestas (3)


Quiero comenzar un proyecto para desarrollar mi propio medidor inteligente.
Me gustaría medir el circuito principal y los subcircuitos (habitaciones, cocina).
Investigué un poco y encontré estos complementos de Raspberry Pi.

Complementos de Raspberry Pi

Alguien usa este complemento.


  Codificacion IDE arduino
Enviado por: tabare92 - 11-07-2019, 01:31 PM - Foro: Novedades - Respuestas (2)

Buenos días.
Estoy realizando una memoria técnica sobre las utilidades del domuino y me gustaria saber si hay alguna forma de extraer la programación completa o poder observarla en el IDE de arduino, en la aplicación de android ya tengo todo configurado y funcionando pero no encuentro la manera o desconozco como puedo observar esa programación en el sketch del IDE en la PC.


Enviado por: Miguelito - 09-11-2019, 05:47 PM - Foro: Presentate - Respuestas (1)

Me llamo Miguel Ángel y soy técnico de mantenimiento industrial.

Estoy muy interesado en el proyecto este y poder formar parte de él. Espero poder aportar algo de información sobre los ESP32, los cuales me interesan mucho.

Gracias compañeros.


  Provide Plenty Of Authentic michael kors wonderlust review
Enviado por: Joon - 09-10-2019, 07:39 AM - Foro: Novedades - Sin respuestas

Rufus was still hanging in there. The Millers' was still for sale. As always, she felt she had no news to report, as if her life had reached a kind of stasis.. 11 at the Davies Foundation Auditorium (home to Domino Theatre), 52 Church St. Tickets are $20, plus handling fee, to the show, which runs from Thursday to Saturday. On Saturdays. 

She was the oldest of six and grew up during the depression so she could be "thrifty" when she wanted! She married Earl Fraker on April 19, 1941 in South Bend, WA and they had three children, Jack (Nelda) Fraker, Mary Salyer and Pat Krebs (Ted Johnson). There were six grandchildren to follow, 9 great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren yes, five generations. Toms Outlet She was preceded in death by her husband Earl, her parents, brothers Tom, Sam and Jim, her sister Pat and grandchildren Michael Bridges and Kelly McAllister.. 

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"This really underscores the problem that has occurred over so many years," Schakowsky said Wednesday. "Anyone in this room, I think certainly the women, know if someone has abused underage girls, reinstating him is so unacceptable. He should have been in jail. 

He reveals to the Marines that the mission is over and that it was all an elaborate bluff as he never had any intention of taking innocent lives. Hummel orders Michael Kors Handbags Sale Clearance them to exit Alcatraz with a few hostages and the remaining rocket to cover their retreat while he assumes blame. Frye and Darrow rebel upon realizing they will not be paid their $1 million apiece, killing Baxter and mortally wounding Hummel, who tells Goodspeed where the last rocket is before dying.Darrow and Frye proceed with the plan to fire on San Francisco. 

No means was it close to perfect, but it a point and those have been hard to come by for us, added goaltender Alex Bono, who made some big saves late to preserve the draw. Going to take them where we can get them. Has stumbled well back of the playoff teams in the East and knows there is a lot of work to be done to return to contention.


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Enviado por: Joon - 09-10-2019, 07:37 AM - Foro: Novedades - Sin respuestas

Also had tried to remove the user from Domain and had once again taken it back into the domain. That too did not work. User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop > Active Desktop > Active Desktop Wallpaper. Prosecutor Bob Dean: were regular folks. She was in the Navy, worked in the Washington Naval Yard. And Michael worked at Riggs Bank, a very prominent bank in the Washington area. 

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This stopwatch was the back up clock for the mission and was started manually by Glenn 20 seconds into the flight. It is currently on display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.The Autavia chronograph was introduced in 1962 and featured a rotating bezel, marked in either hours, minutes, decimal minutes (1/100th minute increments), or with a tachymeter scale. All manual wind Autavias from the 1960s had Michael Kors Outlet Sale a black dial, with white registers. 

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Enviado por: Joon - 09-10-2019, 07:36 AM - Foro: Novedades - Sin respuestas

LAWRENCE: Right, and some awesome (ph) reporting from our Eric Westervelt on this. Yeah, there's a big problem with whistleblowers when they call out problems at the VA. They often face reprisals. Filming was scheduled to begin on March 29, 1971, with the scene between Michael Corleone and Kay Adams as they leave Best Co. In New York City after shopping for Christmas gifts. Principal filming in New York continued until July 2, 1971. 

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The Sun, which comprises nearly all the matter in the Solar System, is composed of roughly 98% hydrogen and helium. The terrestrial planets of the Inner Solar System are composed primarily of silicate rock, iron and nickel. Beyond the Asteroid Belt, planets are composed mainly of gases (such as hydrogen, helium) and ices like water, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide... 

Low recently agreed a new contract but there are no certainties now. "It is too early," he said in a post match interview with ZDF. "I need a few hours to Michael Kors Purse Outlet see it clearly.. "I have no tyres, no brakes, Toms Outlet and I am out of the points," the Spaniard cried. "I am trying to do whatever. I don't.


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Enviado por: Joon - 09-10-2019, 07:35 AM - Foro: Novedades - Sin respuestas

His references to Mexican migrants as rapists and murderers.. His unconstitutional attempt at a Muslim ban.. His moral equivocation following the deadly protests in Charlottesville.. I'm growing cassava and pumpkin, plenty pumpkin. Pierre says I don't have to take none of it to market, for Master's paying him a wage we can both live on, if we're careful. Pierre says ""Pierre says, Marie Claire says.

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  ESP32 con domuino
Enviado por: A_Full - 09-06-2019, 01:05 PM - Foro: ESP32 nueva version esp8266 - Sin respuestas

Viendo que los esp32 tienen muchas más entradas/salidas que los esp8266 no sería bueno intentar hacer el código para ellos también?
Creo que si se pudiese adaptar el código de domuino sería la bomba, ya que es un firmware muy bueno y sencillo de implementar.



  Get Popular clemson coach,Bottom Price
Enviado por: Joon - 08-20-2019, 07:41 AM - Foro: Errores y problemas encontrados - Sin respuestas

The Capitals had to push past the trauma provided by the Penguins. They had to deal with the loss of players they liked. They had to adjust to young players who couldn't be expected to assimilate themselves smoothly. But competition in the tobacco industry is likely to get much tougher. In June, Reynolds American completed a $27.4 billion acquisition of Lorillard. Reynolds markets two of the nation's biggest selling cigarette brands, Camel and Pall Mall, along with Kool, Salem and Winston. 

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Think transgender women are like the radical feminists of the   they provoking us and making us think about gender in another way, she says. Looking forward to seeing what the trans feminists are going to make available to us. Also seeing the movementroll out in a much different way than it did in the past. 

Megadolomite has higher Fe, Mn, and radiogenic Sr (0.70836 to 0.70875) and lowest $\delta\sp{18}$O $( $2.12 to $ $6.47 per mil PDB), suggesting formation in a later and deeper burial environment. The reservoir porosity of the Turner Valley Formation Coach Outlet Online Clearance is mainly controlled by the degree of dolomitization. The most abundant porosity is presented in carbonates with a dolomite Michael Kors Black Friday Sale component of 70% to 95%. 

At Edgbaston, only Kohli (53 not out) stood among the ruins, benefitting from a dropped catch at second slip when on 21. He got another life when on 51. At the break, R Ashwin (6) was giving Kohli company, while India trail Where Are Coach Bags Made by another 127 runs after England were bowled out for 287 runs in 89.4 overs in their first innings... 

These thoughts can paralyze you and stop you from doing the very things that will get Michael Kors Handbgs On Sale Outlet you out of a lousy situation. Try to think in shades of gray, Michael Kors Factory Outlet Online Store At Wholesale Price says David R. Blackburn, PhD,a psychologist with Scott White Hospital in Temple, Texas. It's just a miracle, really, to have those roots in Winnipeg and have been in their world working with all those men and women."Blye also recounts the time he was asked to write a special with Elvis Presley. michael kors bags 2019 He suggested Coach Factory Outlet Online Login they do a retrospective, an idea Presley's manager hated, but Presley loved it. So they went with it.A song from the '68 Comeback Special:Late one Friday night, just before they went into production, Blye was shocked to find Elvis Presley at his doorstep. 

3.45pm: Holly Watt, Whitehall Editor of the Daily Telegraph, returns Hindley call. During the course of the conversation, the special adviser said: has obviously been having quite Michael Kors Bags Outlet a lot of editors meetings around Leveson at the moment. So I am just going to kind of flag up that connection for you to think about. 

When these cells or their controls are combined with knockdown of either p53 (shp53) or drug inhibition of pTEN (pTENi) alone, or in combination, NTA Spy1 cells increase the rate of tumoursphere formation in soft agar cell cultures. It also has been shown that NTA Spy1 cells in combination with shp53 or pTEN inhibitor increases gene expression of GBM cancer stem cell markers. This work will help explain the role of Spy1 in susceptibility to brain tumour initiation and progression and the importance of its over expression in face of other aberrant.


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But these are not the only forms of noncommunicable illness. Mental health is a major issue around the world. WHO has helped extend mental health care in more than 110 countries. C'tait un vritable danger public, mais pour nous, c'tait un autobus de tourne de grand luxe o nous pouvions dormir, faire la cuisine et avoir l'air d'un band professionnel. On a russi faire l'aller retour Montral Vancouver avant qu'il ne rende l'me lors de notre deuxime tourne, dans un banc de neige entre Winnipeg et ThunderBay. Ensuite, quand Simple Plan a commenc, le pre de notre chanteur Pierre nous a prt une vieille ambulance recycle, avec les sirnes et bonbonnes d'oxygne encore installes l'arrire, qui nous a permis de faire nos premiers spectacles et d'innombrables voyages entre Montral et Toronto, o on enregistrait notre premier album, No Pads, No Helmets. 

In 1924, Kuiper began studying at Leiden University, where the famed 17th century Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens also studied. At the time, a very large number of astronomers had congregated at the university, and Kuiper went on to befriend many of them. Among his teachers were fellow Dutch Michael Kors Factory Outlet Online Store At Wholesale Price astronomer Michael Kors Black Friday Sale Jan Oort (for whom the Oort Cloud is named) and Paul Ehrenfest, the Austrian Dutch physicist who developed the phase transition theory of quantum mechanics. 

Without mentioning Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan gave his opinion on Sanju trailer I have seen the trailer. Raju Hirani is a very sensible filmmaker and so he has Michael Kors Bags Outlet made the film. The film has all the elements from Coach Factory Outlet Online Login the actor life, including his rise to stardom and fall after his involvement in the 1993 Bombay blast Michael Kors Handbgs On Sale Outlet case. 

Contact Us,Do you find it therapeutic to pace shiny, waxed floors? Are you getting a michael kors bags 2019 Michael Kors for Summer '16 on mamma's debit card? Then look no further than this glittering ode to capitalism on Sunrise Boulevard. From Neiman Marcus Coach Outlet Online Clearance to the Capital Grille, it's the perfect place to go when you have money Where Are Coach Bags Made to blow (or want to pretend you do). There's a newly opened Free People where the clothes are cute and anything but free and a wig stand that sells something called "Cruise Hair." This mall is consistently clean and quiet( ish) and has a Bank of America conveniently located in its parking lot for that extra line of credit you'll need after a few too many minutes inside of michael kors discount bags Mayor's Jewelers. 

Gisele B takes final stroll down runway"I'm so grateful to be where I am right now because I feel fulfilled. I feel like I gave it a lot of energy and dedication and focus to that," said B "I think 20 years is like, more than half my life, that I feel is long enough. There are still some things I am going to be doing, but it's not my Coach Outlet Store Online Free Shipping focus by any means.". 

This seems true. You want to know about new hip hop and R Watch Insecure. You want to see music used with subtlety as a mood, or as an extension of the character? Watch the shows Sullivan mentioned, or Transparent, or Big Little Lies, whose music supervisor, Susan Jacobs, very recently won the first ever Emmy for music supervision... 

Photo IDs are required for certain purchases, such as alcohol, cigarettes or cold medicine. Rep. Ron DeSantis in a competitive primary for governor and backed the Senate campaign of his longtime ally, Gov. LUCAS: Right. Right. But there were a few other things all related to Russia and the Helsinki meeting.