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  Palm Oil Refinery Fractionation Plant for sale
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:52 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Small scale palm oil refining plant
Our small scale palm oil refining plant are great choice for small capacity palm oil refinery plant. The small scale palm oil refining plant can remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, gums, waxes, off-flavor and other impurities in the crude palm oi, palm kernel oil refining process, etc.
1. Equipment Features
This oil refining unit is for batch refining, with all the functions of big and small scale batch refining equipment.
This oil refining unit is the combined complete equipment. It has its heat source, electrical control, with features of light weight and electricity saving. Only turning on power and connecting water, prepare coal or firewood, caustic soda, phosphoric acid, bleaching clay and other materials, the equipment can be operated.
2. Craft Flow Chart
3. Main Equipment
Neutralization pot: for acid refining, alkali refining and water washing
Deodorization: for removing odor of oil (material: stainless steel)
Heat transfer oil furnace: for providing heat energy for production, making the process temperature reach 280℃.
Vacuum pump: for providing vacuum degree for Decolorization and Deodorization, up to above755mmHg.
Air compressor: for drying decolorized bleaching clay.
Frame Filter: for filter bleaching clay.
Steam turbine generator: for offering steam for deodorization and distillation section.Palm Oil Refinery Fractionation Plant for sale


  China Paper Straw Machine manufacturers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:51 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

High speed Paper Making Straw Machine
PS-40 High speed paper straw making machine
Main Technical Parameter:
Technical Parameter
Paper Layer3 layers
Inner Diameter5-12mm
Wall Thickness0.3-1mm
Winding Speed30-40meters/min
Cutting SystemMulti-blades (5 pcs)
cutting systemServo motor synchronism tracking cut
Gluing WaySingle/Double sides
Machine & PartsStainless Steel or normal steel with painting
Straw Collector( optional)L type auto collector or manual
Operator1-2 person
Speed ControlBy Inverter
Power Supply380V/3Phase/50Hz
Control System
Main Motor3.0KW(1.5*2)
Motion controllerPanel Master
Touch ScreenPanel Master
Inverter3.7KW Schneider
Pneumatic ComponentsJingwei
Electric ComponentsSchneider
Servo MotorSchneider
Screw Rod/sliderShangyin
Paper Reel Stand & Glue Unit3 Layers
Belt5 Pieces
Mandrel Shaft2 Pieces
Useful Tool1 Set
Measurement & Weight
Working Space7000*5000mm
Main features:
It includes Paper Reel Stand Unit = paper unwinding (1 SET), Stainless Steel Glue Unit = gluing (1 SET), Forming Unit = twisting (1 SET), Cutting Unit = cutting (1 SET), Conveyor Unit = conveying (1 SET) and Straws Collector Unit = collecting (1 SET)
● Machine adopts PLC control, all data can be display in the touch screen
● T Bar Paper reeling stand , Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand
● Spiral winding part , specialized operation system , Belt tension device (hand-wheel driven)
● Choose Single or double glue coating unit
● Multi-knife System in-line cutting unit controlled by servo motor, no need secondary cutting, save labor and time.
● Automatically cut, automatically fall pipe, automatically change speed and revert;
● Machine supply of lubricant aromatically.
Stainless Steel Covered
Melt painted cover
Other standard parts
Multi-blades cutting system
Tube cutting
Cutting part
1) Aluminum-Profile
2) Stable running
3) Easy setting
4) Servo moto control
Paper Reel Stand
Unwinding speed: 3-60m/min
Paper reel model: Integral reel stand
Stainless Steel Glue Unit
1) Aluminum-Profile  
2) Easy setting
Tube forming
Drive by two motors
Winding head: 2 heads single belt.
Straw collector(Optional)
1) Easy setting
2) Stable deliverying
3) Aluminum-Profile
Machine in plant
Finished Paper Straws
Here is report for paper straw information for reference:
1. Paper and Glue(The price for your reference)
(1)Food Grade Glue is USD1700 per ton main part is PVA
a. Surface paper : width 15mm 60gsm food grade Side glazed paper is About USD 1520 per ton
b. Middle paper : width 14mm 120gsm food grade white kraft paper USD1470 per ton
c. Inside paper : width 13.5mm 120gsm food grade white kraft paper USD1470 per ton
2. Except paper straw making machine, may you will consider to buy below other equipments:
a.Paper Printing Machine
b. Paper Slitting Machine
Or it's your new business, you want the smallest investment in this field, you can buy already printed and slitted paper rolls directly.
The cost of making each paper straw: $0.0018096
a. Each straw 1.2g (standard straw size: diameter 6mm, length 197mm)
b. So 1000 pieces straw weight 1.2kgs.
c. 1.2kgs straw made of: 1/10 glue, cost 1.7$ per kg
d. 9/10 * (2/3) 120 gsm paper, 1.47 $ per kg 9/10 * (1/3) 60 gsm paper, 1.52 $ per kg,
e. So 1.2 kgs straw cost = 1.2 * [1/10 * 1.7 + 9/10 * (2/3) * 1.47 + 9/10 * (1/3) * 1.52】 = $1.8096
f. That means each straw cost $ 0.0018096
g. Usually 1 Ton glue can make 10 tons paper,
h. Paper straw paper need: 120 gsm ( Innter two layers paper) and 60 gsm (outside one layer paper)China Paper Straw Machine manufacturers


  China Square Rubber Fender factory
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:50 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Our Factory
Zhenjiang Tonly Rubber Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, is a professional manufacturer of rubber tracks and rubber pads. Our first rubber track was born in 1989. Tonly Rubber is one of the largest rubber fender manufacturers in China with 300 employees including 20 technicians bring strong production capacity of 100,000 rubber tracks and 500,00 rubber pads every year.
Tonly Rubber has always focused on the products quality. Through technical improvement and strengthening the management for many years, the company has came into being the quality guarantee system.
Tonly Rubber is one of the constitutors who formulated the national chemical industry of Rubber Track. Tonly also possesses three independent Intellectual Property Rights and is High-tech enterprise.
During the 60 years, Tonly has been one of the most famous brand worldwide. We will keep on moving forward, providing the best products and service to customers over the world.
Our Product
Rubber Track, Rubber Pad, Rubber Fender, Rubber WheelChina Square Rubber Fender factory


  Automatic Stitching Machine For Corrugated Boxes suppliers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:45 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Our Factory
Since its founding in 1993,has always worked in the corrugated & carton box industry,ranging from manufacturing,exporting and commercialization of machinery for processing of corrugated cardboard and folding carton.
In 2004 Canghai moved to the new premises,which is spread over an area of 12,000㎡,fully equipped and independent,divided into three area:manufacturing,design and sales.
The production department contains machine tools and area for assembling of the machines.
The company's design office follows the part of development of the machines.
The sales office consists of domestic sales department and overseas sales department.Industry knowledge and rich experience has allowed us to provide professional service and recommend suitable machines for you.
In 2013,Canghai set independent export company(Cangzhou Worldwide Import & Export Co.,Ltd)to expand overseas business.We can become your supplier of machines used for corrugated cardboard and folding carton industries.Furthermore,we can provide a turn-key solution for your new factory.Now,we have overseas service spots in Vietnam,India,Bangladesh,Italy...
Our Product
Carton Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Machine
Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Flute Laminator Machine
Flat Bed Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Folder Gluer Machine
Stitcher Machine
Strapping Machine
Platform Die Cutting Machine
Partition Machine & Clapboard Inserting Machine
Waste Paper Baler Machine(Waste Discharge System)
Paper Tube Making Machine
Other Packaging Machines
Product Application
Pulp & Paper Making ,Corrugated cardboard,Carton box,Paper tube,Paper Cone
Our Certificate
CE 、ISO9001、Patent
Production Equipment
CNC grinding machines 
CNC lathes 
CNC milling machines 
Drilling machines
Production Market
We have agents or customers in below areas.
Please email to to get the agent contact information in your local area.
Asia、China(Beijing、Shanghai、Tianjin、Chongqing、Jinan、Qingdao、Jiaxing、Shenzhen、Dongguan、Hengshui)、South Korea、Philippines(Cebu)、Vietnam(Honi)、Thailand、Malaysia、Indonesia、India(Dehil、Mumbai、Bangalore、Chennai)、SriLanka、Kazakhstan、Uzbekistan、Afghanistan、Iraq、Iran、Syria、Jordan 、Lebanon、Saudi Arabia 、United Arab Emirates、Turkey、Europe、Slovenia、Macedonia、Romania、Bulgaria、Italy、United Kingdom、Poland、Czech Republic、Slovakia、Russia、North America、United States 、Mexico、South America、Colombia、Brazil、Peru、Chile、Paraguay、Argentina、Africa、South Africa、Algeria、Egypt、Zimbabwe、Tunis、Mauritius 、Burkina Faso、Oceania、Australia 、New Zealand.
Our service
1 We provide whole establish new factory solution , give customer a comprehensive design plant idea, consider the
target customer market . We own a great team , engineer service to oversea country is available.
2 We provide loan to below business situation
1) use first
2) payer later
3) special service
we can provide financial support for your project.
Mutual trust is the foundation of our business.
3 After-Sales Service
1) Engineers available to service machinery overseas.(including installation, debugging, training etc.)
2) Whole machine main parts guarantee for 1 year. 10 years warranty for main transmission gear ensure print accuracy.
3) 25 years experience, reply within 12 hours, provide solve solution within 24 hours.Automatic Stitching Machine For Corrugated Boxes suppliers


  High Speed Rail Matting Polyurea suppliers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:42 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., Ltd. the most professional pure polyurea supplier in China, respects science and takes honesty and faith as the foundation of the career. Our company since its inception always gives top priority to product quality, and has developed series pure polyurea products with the latest technology and high quality, and has inaugurated the sample project, model project and monumental project of pure polyurea,which makes you project long-term undertaking with monumental merits that benefit the future!
Our company is widely recognized as one of the most professional and technically advanced formulators, inspectors, consulters, applicators and installers of polyurea protective coatings systems in CHINA and all over the world.
We provide global technical support on a level incomparable in polyurea industry. We maintain a full staff of technical engineers with complete specification and quality assurance capabilities in each application field. We also provided competent raw material preparation, chemical formulate, polyurea product supplier, industry solution, training, consulting, technical service, testing, supervision and quality control.
Our protective coatings provide a tough barrier that protects a variety of surfaces, concrete, steel, stone, wood, glass, polyurethane form, geo-textile fabric, plastics, polyester, EPS and so on.
Our company is specialized in providing more than 30 kinds of feature function products. They are engineered for extreme conditions, severe exposure, high traffic, water intrusion, corrosion protection, wear resistance, vibration damping, and radiation protection that stretch beyond the capabilities of conventional or even usual industrial protection coatings system around the world. Our products provide solutions for: Infrastructure Protection, Environment Protection, Corrosion Protection, Energy Absorption, Erosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Water Proofing and many other solutions listed below. Our leading technology enjoyed good reputation among customers with proven quality and meet all variety need of requirement.
Our Certificate  

High Speed Rail Matting Polyurea suppliers


  China Glitter Film In Metallic Colours suppliers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:41 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Our Factory
Established in 1990, Xingtai Glitter Company is a professional manufacturer of making series of glitter, with machines imported from Germany and USA, we supply our customers gold, silver, rainbow, laser and holoshade glitter power in tetragon an hexagon. We are very confident that we can supply various kind of sizes and colors to meet different customer's requests.
Our Product
Glitter powder, glitter powder shaker, glitter flake, sequins, glitter film.
Product Application
Our product applies in Children DIY and Craft Education, Christmas Gift, Silkscreen printing, Cosmetics, Decorative material, Candle craft, Varnish decoration, etc. With the adornment advantage, the glitter make the product have the Art Characteristic and significantly increase its value.
We have specialized in glitter powder and tinsel for more than 16 years. As one of the largest manufacturers in China, we can produce metallic, rainbow, laser and holoshade glitter powder in tetragon and hexagon. And we can make 10tons a day with about one hundred cutting machines. We have the MSDS and EN71 Certificate. And we have about 200 colors.
We can make all sizes of packages, such as 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg. Further more, we also have the bottles of 3g, 7g, 10g, 20g, 21.5g, 22g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 113g, 250g, and 454g.
We have the series of 300, 200, 500, 400, 600, and 800. The series of 200, 500, 400, 600, 800 can bear 180CENTIGATE. Our series 300 and 200 is the metallic kinds. They are the common colors.Our series500 is the rainbow kinds or the pearl colors.Our series400 and 800 is the laser kinds. And our series600 is also the laser kinds.While our series 600 is much shinning than series400 and 800. Our series700 is the black color.
For the hexagon shape,we have the sizes of 1/4", 1/8", 1/12", 1/24", 1/32", 1/40", 1/64", 1/96", 1/128", 1/186", 1/256" etc.
For the tetragon shape, we have the size of 0.8,1*1,2*2,3*3,0.3*1.5,0.3*4.7,0.4*3,0.1*1,0.2*1mm.
For the parallelogram shape, we have the size of 1.9*2*3mm.
Our glitter powder are all made of PET and they are all Non toxic.
We can make the packing according to your demands.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
Europe, The USA, Middle East, South America.
Our Service
We can send the free samples according to the customer's demands.China Glitter Film In Metallic Colours suppliers


  EC FERRITE CORE suppliers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:40 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Tongxiang Huayan Electronic Co., LTD. (THEL) was founded in August 2012. Our company focused on development , production , and service of high performance magnetic materials and electronic components . Our company has an excellent development team, bell kiln and other advanced production equipment . Our company has good quality management system .We have passed ISO9001:2008 accreditations. Our products are widely used in computer motherboard, network communication, green lighting, resistance to electromagnetic interference, automobile car electronic industries . Our products are mainly EE, circular, rod and drum cores. Also we can design and produce all kinds of  magnetic cores and electronic components according to your special requirements. Thanks to our good reputation , excellent services and reliable quality , our clients are spread throughout the world . our products are mainly sold to Taiwan(20%)、West Aisa(40%)、Europe and America (30%) and other area (10%). Tongxiang Huayan Electronic Co., LTD. wins the trust from every customer on the principle of  "the best quality and the shortest delivery time". We all staff adhering to the principle of "Honesty, diligence, sharing and innovation ”. We are committed to working with customers and suppliers to establish stable relations of cooperation, mutual benifite win-win and common development.EC FERRITE CORE suppliers



  Minodronic Acid Intermediates manufacturers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:31 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Product Description
Chemical Name Ethyl trans-4-oxo-2-butenoate CAS 2960-66-9
Synonyms Ethyl fumaraldehydate;
(E)-Ethyl 4-oxobut-2-enoate
(2E)-4-Oxo-2-butenoic Acid Ethyl Ester;
Fumaraldehydic Acid Ethyl Ester;
(2E)-4-Oxobut-2-enoic Acid Ethyl Ester;
(E)-Ethyl 4-Oxo-2-butenoate;
Ethyl (2E)-4-Oxobut-2-enoate;
Ethyl Fumaraldehydate;
Ethyl trans-4-Oxo-2-butenoate;
CAS No. 2960-66-9
MDL Number MFCD00236170
Molecular Formula C6H8O3
Molecular Weight 128.13
Related product Minodronic Acid CAS NO. 17745-04-9
Application Intermediate of Minodronic acid hydrate
Indications of Minodronic acid hydrate: Osteoporosis (Minodronate intermediate, the product is used in the treatment of osteoporosis)
Ethyl trans-4-oxo-2-butenoate is an intermediate of Minodronic Acid.
Safety Info Safety Statements: S23-S36/37/39-S45
HS Code: 2918300090
Packing Group: III
Risk Statements: R25; R34; R43
Packing 25kg/barrel, 200kgs/barrel or as customer’s request, always with photo before shipment
Shipping & Payment
Mix and different products in ONE PCL, increase the working efficiency for customers.

Q: How to confirm the Product Quality before placing orders?
A: You can get free samples for the products, you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us to pick up the samples.
Also could send us your product specifications and requests, then could manufacture the products according to your requests.
Q: Is there a discount?
A: Different quantity has different discount.
Q: How do you treat quality complaint?
A: First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real
quality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.Minodronic Acid Intermediates manufacturers


  School Musical Playground price
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:30 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Rainbow Sambas Musical Playground
The outdoor drum is indubitably the oldest instrument in the world, from a hollowed out log covered in animal skin to a dried gourd, the drum has been the anchor of rhythm throughout the ages. A member of the percussion family, drums come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in practically every style and genre of music. Some drums are more common than others, notably Timpani, Snare and Bass playing an integral role in the overall feel of a piece of music.
Rainbow Sambas Outdoor Drums
Unpitched Percussion
With a friendly inviting vibe this eye-catching set of five outdoor drums is easily our most popular product.
Rainbow Sambas are fun and easy to play whatever your age and will produce lots of creative musical energy! The drums are suitable for music lessons, outdoor school performances, drumming and music therapy sessions as well as great outdoor play equipment.
Available in our standard rainbow colours, or for an additional charge you can design your own colour combinations (using the RAL colour matching service) these vibrant drums are suitable for ground or surface fixing.
Playing the Rainbow Sambas is a rewarding experience and will shape a love of music, beat and rhythm. A group of friends can come together to drum, someone starts a beat and the others either follow it, or just add their own thing.
Perfect to bring a unique tone to the playground and guaranteed smiles.
Product Highlights
Fun and Easy to play
Eye Catching
Played with the hands produce soft satisfying sounds
Suitable for ADA Accessible Projects/Parks
Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds
Product Description
With a friendly inviting vibe this eye-catching set of five outdoor drums is easily our most popular product. Sambas are fun and easy to play whatever your age and will produce lots of creative musical energy! Perfect to bring a unique tone to the playground and guaranteed smiles.
Number of Players: 5+
Width:  16 – 40cm
Min Height: 55cm
Max Height: 85cmSchool Musical Playground price


  High Frequency Current Transformer manufacturers
Enviado por: dfgcbc676 - 03-18-2020, 04:28 AM - Foro: Guias y tutoriales - Sin respuestas

Our products are used in conjunction with digital instruments and intelligent control devices to provide small voltage signals proportional to primary current for current measurement and protection. It has the characteristics of large dynamic measurement range, good linearity, unsaturated, frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference, small size, low power consumption, and no high voltage danger in secondary open circuit.
Operating free air temperature range-40°C to 85°C
Storage temperature range-40°C to 100°C
1. Our products are available in different sizes for various designs.
2. It has high transmission power, low loss, wide operating frequency, low temperature rise and good thermal stability.
Our advantage
1. More than ten years of experience in transformer manufacturing.
2. High quality and competitive price.
3. Good after-sales service.
4. Short delivery time.
5. Wide range of applications.
How to order?
1. Please inform us of P / N of existing parts. If you need custom parts, please send electronic specifications.
2. A proforma invoice (PI) will be sent to you.
3. Please check and confirm the PI.
4. Once we confirm the order, please pay as soon as possible.
5. After full payment, all goods will be sent to you as usual within 10-15 days.
6. OEM / ODM is welcome. Free OEM orders for more than 5,000 units.High Frequency Current Transformer manufacturers